Letter to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

March 23, 2015

His Excellency Benjamin Netanyahu
Office of the Prime Minister

Dear Mr. Prime Minster, 

While I never believed that your intention in making the comment at the end of the campaign about Israeli Arabs voting was to say anything racist or anti-Arab, such remarks that single out a community that has been discriminated against leaves questions in people's minds about your views of that community and their place in Israeli society. 

This is ironic because your government has done a great deal to integrate Israeli Arabs into the broader society, particularly by investing billions of shekels in improving Israeli Arab education and employment.

I therefore believe it is important for you to express an apology to Israeli Arabs for that moment, and reinforcing at the same time your repeatedly expressed view and action that Arabs in Israel are fully equal citizens in the Jewish state.

In friendship and support.


Abraham H. Foxman
National Director