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Letter to Jewish News Syndicate Regarding the Proposed Annexation of the West Bank

The following letter was submitted to the Jewish News Syndicate in response to "ADL Distorts the Annexation Debate" (April 22).

To the Editor:

Re “ADL Distorts the Annexation Debate” (April 22):

Stephen M. Flatow completely mischaracterizes our piece in the Forward. Contrary to Flatow, ADL’s piece never once mentions the prime minister of Israel. The focus of our piece was in reaction to the growing number of voices on the Israeli political right who, in the lead up to the Israeli election, advocated annexation, as well as the non-stop effort by some of those same voices to convince the Netanyahu government to engage in unrestricted expansion of settlements – both of which are intended to make a two-state solution impossible.

It is no accident that during the campaign, when the prime minister looked to pacify his right flank, he spoke of invoking sovereignty on settlements. It’s true he did not call for annexation of the West Bank, and as noted, despite Flatow’s claim, our piece never said anything suggesting he did. On the other hand, the prime minister talked about annexing not only the settlement blocs, but also outlying isolated settlements, which definitely was an attempt to pacify the annexationists.

In sum, it is not us who distorted the matter, but Flatow. Our message that this growing movement calling for annexation on the right, if ever pursued by the new government, remains an irrefutable one.


Sharon Nazarian
Senior Vice President, International Affairs
Anti-Defamation League