Anti-Semitic Reactions to Jimmy Carter's Book: White Supremacists

January 12, 2007

Many scholars and experts on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have strongly criticized Jimmy Carter's book, Palestine Peace Not Apartheid, for its distortions, misrepresentations, and one-sided arguments that blame Israel for the conflict while giving the Palestinians a pass. Yet the book is being celebrated in online white supremacist forums for its anti-Israel, conspiratorial and anti-Semitic propaganda value.  Some white supremacists in the United States have embraced the message of Carter's book, pointing to criticism by supporters of Israel as confirmation of their anti-Semitic notions of Jewish power.

As a result, various online anti-Semitic forums have hailed Carter's book in diatribes laced with anti-Semitic invective.  White supremacists, who already focus much of their hatred on Jews and believe that "Zionists" and Israel control the U.S. government and create the world's problems, welcomed President Carter's book as an affirmation of their warped anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

White supremacist forums such as Stormfront, the longest-running white supremacist Web site on the Internet, Aryan Nations Forum, a Web forum operated by the South Carolina-based Aryan Nations group headed by August Kreis, and Vanguard News Network (VNN), a white supremacist Web site and discussion forum run by neo-Nazi Alex Linder, have included posts praising President Carter for standing up to the "Zionist lobby" and Israel and reaffirming their views on the inherent evil nature of Jews.  Many of the messages expressed support for Carter, claiming that any criticism of his book is an attack by "the Zionists."

Mark Weber of the  Institute for Historical Review, a Holocaust denial organization, listed the book along with the conspiratorial paper on the "Israel Lobby" by professors John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt as one of the year's crowning achievements, showing the "growing awareness of Jewish-Zionist power."

The following is a sampling of racist commentary on Carter's book, "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid" appearing in online white supremacist forums:

"Jimmy Carter will go down in history as the only American president EVER to call the israeli occupation what it is - HORRENDOUS and APARTHEID."
--From Vanguard News Network (1/5/07)

"It takes a prominent man on his way out to say anything about the Zionist disease in the middle east…."
 --From Vanguard News Network (1/5/07)

"If anyone knows the truth about the Middle East, it's Carter. He was dealing with this same 'peace process' BS 30 years ago. Israel is the problem and does not want any semblance of peace. The more wars, the better. Always has been the case, always will be."
--From Vanguard News Network (1/5/07)

"Look at the total control of the media that jews have. One man, a former president, writes a book in support of the truth and of the Palestinians and it's a national stink! Think about how absurd that is. It's a madhouse, a madhouse!"
--From Vanguard News Network (1/5/07)

"How about everything else the Jews have corrupted through their pernicious influence, like our government, our financial institutions, and the economic future of our children and grandchildren. Maybe Carter has thought this through and truly believes the best way to bring down the power of the Jewish monopoly is through the exposing of the attrocities of the Nation of Israel itself."
--From Vanguard News Network (1/5/07)

"There is an old Czech proverb that says, "Tell the truth and you will get your head bashed in," President Carter is finding out what Zundel, Rudolf, Irving, Mersheimer & Walt etc have found out the harder way."
--From Stormfront (1/4/07)

"American complicity in 40 years of I$raeli aggression, killing, ethnic cleanising, bigotry, oppression and occupation in Palestine is utterly disgraceful.  If only the American people knew the truth. More Americans should speak up like Carter."
--From Stormfront (1/3/07)

"Carter decided to quit being a Zionist puppet (as he was during his presidency), and actually starts exposing the lies of Israel. That's when he gets slandered by 'anti-racism' (pro jewish racism) groups like the ADL and SPLC, in addition to the rest of the mainstream media."
-- From Stormfront (12/23/06)

"Right now I see the whole world beginning to sense the end of Jewish political power. That's why Mel and Jimmy Carter are saying and doing the things they are, and their defiance of Jewish rath [sic] is also part of the cause of the fall of Jewish power. It's a snow ball effect. Now who is afraid of the big bad Jew?"
-- From Stormfront (12/20/06)

"The fact that a former President is speaking out about racist Israel is a great wakeup call for Joe Sixpack."
--From Stormfront (12/19/06)

"I am so glad that people are finally stating their beliefs on the Jews and hopefully it will continue. As for Carter, he knew the attacks would start with the book publishing. He did not waiver and has gained much respect from many people around the world!"
--From Stormfront (12/17/06)

"did anyone happen to see jimmy carter on jacob lenstein(aka jay leno)? he knows whats going on with the kikes. he was promoteing his new book PEACE NOT APARTIED: IN PALESTINE. he was actually defending the palestinians i could not believe it. but he was careful in what he said, but he did say about the number of palestinians being killed dailey by the israelie gorillas. and boy did "jay" get cold and quiet, quick to defend israel by saying what great alies they are,(uhgg, why cant people see). and true to jew form, he is now being attacked and accused of plagerism. thats what the kikes do, instead owning up to the truth they just falsely slander and blackball him. thats what a filthy dirty kike does. in this country it is only acceptable to hate white people and arabs. these dity parisites must be erraticated, such like a tape worm. white power."
-- From Aryan Nations Forum (12/16/06)

"I wish I could give Jimmy Carter rep points for standing up to the chosen."
--From Stormfront (12/15/06)

"But, the point is that Carter's book is just as dangerous to the bloodthirsty and hyper-controlling Zionists as they think it is. They're right to fear and hate it. The book is a lever of truth. A tool. A godsend."
--From Stormfront (12/10/06)

"Congratulations Jimmy Carter, you have some backbone after all!  Now, if the power-mad Zionist Lobby keeps it up, (i.e. their ad homonym smear attacks on the ex President), then hopefully the imbroglio will turn out to be even bigger and better than the attempted defamation of Mel Gibson and his movie!  We need to encourage Jimmy in any way that we can, as this opportunity may be literally 'heaven sent'. As a matter of fact, opportunity is knocking loud as hell! Send him positive emails, and give positive feedback at or anywhere else that you can. Now is the time to fan the flames and strike while the iron is red hot!"
--From Stormfront (12/9/06)

"It's amazing how many people are coming out to challenge the Zionists these days, people you would never expect."
--From Stormfront (12/8/06)

"Naming the Jew looks like it might be on the verge of becoming contagious. Pretty soon it'll be cool again to tell Zionist Jews what you really think of them."
--From Strormfront (12/8/06)

"Anyone who throws a rock at the jew will get an atta-boy from me."
 --From Vanguard News Network (12/06/06)

"An ex-President has automatic status and a microphone. Any rock he throws against Israel will be bigger than nearly anyone else's rock. Thanks for throwing that particular rock, Jimmy."
 --From Vanguard News Network (12/6/06)

"'Because of powerful political, economic, and religious forces in the United States, Israeli government decisions are rarely questioned or condemned,'" the former president writes.  Translation: 'The United States has a Zionist Occupied Government.' Amen."
-- From Vanguard News Network (10/20/06)