Anti-Semitism in Venezuela

September 07, 2012

Since 2006, the Anti-Defamation League has been following closely the anti-Semitic tone emanating from the government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. ADL’s research sheds light on the relations of the government with fundamental Islam, the anti-Israel rhetoric used by the government apparatus, and the scapegoating of Israel and Jews as a political tool.

Reports in English

Anti-Semitism in Venezuela, 2014 Report

Venezuelan Government Fuels Incendiary Anti-Israel and Anti-Semitic Environment

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The Chavez Regime: Fostering Anti-Semitism and Supporting Radical Islam (PDF)

CAIV Report, Anti-Semitism in Venezuela in 2012 

Reports in Spanish

Informe de la CAIV: Antisemitismo en Venezuela 2014

Informe de la CAIV: Antisemitismo en Venezuela 2013

Informe de CAIV, Antisemitismo en Venezuela 2012 (PDF)

Antisemitismo Clasico: En las Elecciones Presidenciales de Venezuela (PDF)

Antisemitismo en Venezuela: Tras el Caso de la Flotilla de Gaza (PDF)

Anti-Semitic Statements Said by Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela

Hugo Chavez In His Own Words

Press Releases


ADL Deeply Troubled by Anti-Semitic Incident in Caracas


La ADL Muy Preocupada Por Informes Que Afirman Que El SEBIN Está Espiando A La Comunidad Judía en Venezuela

ADL Deeply Troubled by Reports That Venezuela’s Government Intelligence Agency Is Spying on the Jewish Community

A March 3, 2012 editorial in the government-aligned Kikiriki newspaper stated: "...the Zionist Jews seized the money of the world and its large corporations, banks and companies; its radio, TV and print media, and now they have an eye on Venezuela. Capriles Radonski, billionaire, is the son of a Jewish father and Jewish mother, thus one needs to study his international connections and look deep into its history. We will be screwed if Jews come to power and whomever doubts it ask the Palestinians and Arabs."