Domestic Anti-Semitism: Selected Incidents Across the Country in 2016

The following is a roundup of select anti-Semitic incidents in the U.S. from 2016 and the first quarter of 2017 in ADL's Annual Audit of Anti-Semitic Incidents

April 20, 2017

Swastika Vandalism - Synagogue in Andover, MA

A swastika defaces the parking lot of a synagogue in Andover, Massachusetts.


  • South Brunswick, NJ (October 2016): During a funeral at a Jewish cemetery, an individual drove by and yelled “Heil Hitler” out the window.
  • Toms River, NJ (September 2016): Orthodox Jewish woman was harassed in a supermarket. Among other things, offender yelled, "You people are ruining this community" and "Go have 12 children somewhere else."
  • Lakewood, NJ (July 2016): Several men yelled “dirty Jews” at a Jewish woman sitting on her porch. The same vehicle drove by the next day, and passengers yelled “Jews, Jews, Jews” and “Get out of our town.”
  • New York, NY (March 2017): A rabbi received a threatening email, which read in part, “Things will start getting bloodier for the Jew boys, I know where you live.”
  • Mason City, Iowa (March 2017): A synagogue received an anonymous phone message stating, “We gonna spray your s***** synagogue in pigs blood. Watch the f*** out."
Anti-Semitic Federal Reserve Protest

A protest outside of the Federal Reserve in Boston with posters containing anti-Semitic rhetoric. October 2016.

  • Colrain, MA (November 2016): An elementary school student who was reading a book about World War II performed the Nazi salute and  told a Jewish student that she believes  Jews are an inferior species. The student repeated this belief in subsequent discussions with the principal, and added that she does not like any Jews she knows.
  • Newton, MA (February 2017): A contractor who requested payment for a job he completed received anti-Semitic voicemail stating that he should be killed and that Hitler should have killed all the Jews.
  • Framingham, MA (December, 2016): Jewish student was subjected to repeated comments about Hitler and anti-Semitic stereotypes during a hazing ritual.
  • San Diego, CA (October, 2016): A student called a Jewish student a “dirty Jew” and subsequently commented on an Instagram photo of several Jewish students with "Put them in the oven" and "Hitler should have used more gas.”
  • Brooklyn, NY (January 2016): An unknown caller left a voicemail on a Jewish man’s phone stating that he hated rabbis and wanted to kill all the rabbis in Borough Park, Williamsburg and Sunset Park one by one.
  • Marietta, GA (November 2016): A student passed a note to a Jewish classmate containing a drawing a swastika and the phrase “Hitler did the world a favor.”
  • Whitefish, Montana (December 2016-January 2017): Members of the Jewish community were the targets of a campaign of harassment, trolling and intimidation by white supremacists and the “alt right.”
  • Marietta, GA (November 2016): A student passed a Jewish classmate a note with a swastika and the phrase, “Hitler did the world a favor.”
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (January 2016): A student posted swastikas and pictures of Hitler on another student’s door.
  • Denver, CO (October 2016): Jewish individual received hate mail stating among other things that Judaism is a false religion and that Jewish will die at the hands of God.


  • Saddle Brook, NJ (February 2016): A Jewish woman’s car was vandalized with eggs, a yellow swastika drawn on the driver’s side window, and the words "bitch" and "f*** you" on the windshield.
  • Toms River, NJ (March 2016): "Burn the Jews" and "f*** you" etched into playground equipment at a public park.
  • New York, NY (December 2016): In an area at City College where Jews gather to pray afternoon services, someone left graffiti reading “Jews are pest! [sic] Hitler was right to kill them all."
Swastika Vandalism - Synagogue in Battle Creek, MI

Swastikas deface the outside of a synagogue in Battle Creek, Michigan. March 2016

  • Bala Cynwyd, PA (June 2016): An eighth-grade student drew a swastika on a Jewish classmate’s graduation yearbook.
  • East Garden City, NY (December 2016): 32 Swastikas drawn in marker on the walls of a restroom at Nassau Community College.
  • Los Angeles, CA (March 2016): Someone painted the word “Nazi” in two places on the synagogue building of Congregation Adat Shalom.
  • Philadelphia, PA (March 2016): The mezuzahs on the front doors of about twenty apartments were removed by an unknown perpetrator.
  • Buffalo, NY (March 2016): “Kill all kikes" was painted on a restroom wall at the State University of New York at Buffalo.
  • Chandler, AZ (December, 2016): A family’s menorah,which sat on their lawn was vandalized and twisted to appear as a swastika.
  • Greeley, CO (January, 2017): Two large swastikas, roughly 10’x10’ each, were dug into the snow on the lake at Glenmere Park.
  • Marathon, FL (March 2016): Swastikas were painted on the street in front of a Jewish-owned home.
  • Clearwater, FL (January 2017): Three synagogues had swastikas drawn on their sidewalks and/or buildings on the same day.
  • Las Vegas, NV (February 2017): Swastika and the phrase “Kill all Jews” painted on public park.
  • Kansas City, KS (December 2016): Swastika and other hateful graffiti discovered at downtown central public library.
  • Mount Pleasant, SC (October 2016): A swastika and the phrase, “Kill Jews” was drawn on the wall of a restroom at a Middle School.


  • Jersey City, NJ (December 2016): Victim was parked in his vehicle when offender approached, pointed a handgun, and fired two shots at his vehicle. A witness stated that they heard the offender yell "Where's that Jew bastard at" after the shooting.
  • Brooklyn, NY (December 2016): Two teenage assailants pursued an Orthodox Jewish man while yelling “South Side Jew.” The assailants hurled chunks of ice at the victim, who was struck by one of them. Another piece of ice struck his car after he jumped inside.
  • Brooklyn, NY (June 2016): An unknown individual shot five paintballs at an Orthodox Jewish man standing in front of a synagogue. The victim’s vehicle was struck twice and the synagogue was struck three times.
Electronic Road Construction Sign in Agoura, CA Reads "Gas the Jews"

An electronic road construction in Agoura, CA reads "Gas the Jews."

  • San Francisco, CA (July 2016): A Jewish individual was knocked down and kicked by a perpetrator who yelled, “Get out of my space, f******Jew. You f****** Jews take up too much space.”
  • Denver, CO (December 2016): A Jewish special education student was punched repeatedly by two classmates who made anti-Semitic remarks.

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