Domestic Anti-Semitism: Selected Incidents Across the Country in 2017

November 01, 2017

The following is a selection of anti-Semitic incidents -- from ADL's Annual Audit -- of the first three quarters of 2017:



ADL 2017 Audit: White Supremacists Chant "Jews Will Not Replace Us"
  • Johns Creek, GA (April 2017): Students directed the Heil Hitler salute to a Jewish student during class.
  • Healdsburg, CA (May 2017): A sixth-grade Jewish boy was the victim of anti-Semitic bullying as students taunted him with swastikas in class, and brought cigarette lighters to school telling the victim they will burn him "like they did in the Holocaust."
  • East Brunswick, NJ (May 2017): A note left on Jewish student's desk with a swastika and the acronym "KYS," which means "Kill Yourself."
  • Chicago, IL (June 2017): Participants carrying pride flags with the Jewish Star of David on it at the Chicago Dyke March were asked by the march's organizers to leave because the organizers felt threatened by the flag.
  • Saratoga Springs, NY (August 2017): Police reported a number of fake Confederate States of America bills were discovered in the shelves of the Saratoga Springs Public Library's section of Holocaust related literature.
  • Madras, OR (August 2017): Neo-Nazi Jimmy Marr hung anti-Semitic signs on a northbound I-5 overpass in Oregon ahead of the solar eclipse. The signs said "UNJEW HUMANITY," "JEWISH FINANCING AVAILABLE," "ECLIPSE WHITEY.'
  • Rutgers University, New Brunswick (September 2017): A Jewish student was harassed over Shabbat while walking near campus.



ADL 2017 Audit: Swastikas & "Get Out" on Fence
  • Fairfax, VA (April 2017): "Hitler was right," swastikas, and the SS symbol were painted on exterior of a JCC building.

  • Aberdeen, SD (April 2017): Swastikas painted on five different business buildings.

  • Lexington, MA (May 2017): A swastika and the message "Hitler was not wrong" discovered at a high school.
  • Orange, CT (June 2017): A swastika was spray-painted on a wall surrounding a Jewish cemetery.
  • Youngstown, OH (July 2017): A Swastika, "Rape is OK," "Kill All," the n-word, and "Kill all women" were either spray-painted or drawn onto different parts in the Mill Creek MetroParks.
  • Fort Wayne, IN (July 2017): Swastikas drawn on Jewish family's garage door.
  • Murfreesboro, TN (August 2017): Swastikas and the word "Trump" were spray-painted on a street.
  • Pensacola, FL (August 2017): Swastikas and racist graffiti, including the white supremacist symbol "14-88," were spray-painted on homes and cars.
  • University of Wisconsin, Madison (September 2017): Drawing that contained Nazi imagery and the message "Hitler did nothing wrong" found in campus dormitory.
  • Royal Oak, MI (September 2017): Swastikas and the phrase "white power" were spray-painted on several homes.



ADL 2017 Audit: Swastika Vandalism with "Destroy Israel" and "Heil Hitler"
  • Radington Beach, FL (March 2017): Bullying of Jewish student. Subjected to having pennies thrown at him, Holocaust "jokes," and being handed printouts of Holocaust memes. A classmate also drew a swastika and a fake concentration camp serial number on student's arm.

  • Longmont, CO (April 2017): Jewish high school student assaulted by classmates after being targeted with anti-Semitic slurs for weeks.

  • Brooklyn, NY (May 2017): A Jewish man was walking down the street when three people approached him and yelled "f**k the Jews" and threw two bottles of sunscreen at him.
  • Brooklyn, NY (July 2017): A Jewish man was attacked and maced by a group of teens while waiting at a red light.
  • Brooklyn, NY (September 2017): An Orthodox Jewish woman was verbally and physically assaulted; the assailant called her a "f-cking Jew" and pulled her wig off.