Internet Rumor: Delta and Ahava Halva Bars

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August 12, 2013

Several online news sources critical of Israel have claimed that Delta Air Lines has removed Ahava Vanilla Halva bars as a snack option on its outbound flights from Tel Aviv because it was produced in a facility located in the West Bank.

Delta denies that that the product was removed due to political reasons. 

In a statement to ADL, Delta said: "Like on many of our international flights, all food items on Delta flights exit Tel Aviv are sourced by our local caterer. This includes more than 1,000 local items. The item in question, a Vanilla Halva Bar, was recently removed as part of a normal catering cycle and review.  In many cases products that are removed are later re-boarded. In addition, items are periodically rotated or changed in the course of our menu cycles."