Jared Taylor: Academic Racist

February 13, 2014

Jared Taylor is the founder of The New Century Foundation, a self-styled think tank that publishes an online white supremacist journal American Renaissance (AR) and holds regular conferences that bring together academic racists from the U.S and abroad.  The themes of both his conferences and journal include alleged racial differences in intelligence, the promotion of “white identity,” and attacks against multiculturalism and diversity. Taylor travels abroad extensively, where he often speaks to ultra-nationalist political groups. He has also spoken a number of times at colleges in the U.S., where students who have embraced a white supremacist ideology see him as a spokesperson for their cause.


Taylor’s identifies himself as a “race realist,” advancing the idea that it is natural and healthy for groups to segregate along racial lines.  He argues that people naturally want to be with their own kind and that most communities organize based on racial divisions. These themes come up frequently in Taylor’s books, articles and speeches and were the basis for his 2011 book White Identity.

Though Taylor denies that he is a white supremacist, he focuses on how blacks lag behind whites academically due to alleged racial differences in intelligence.  He also has asserted that blacks and Hispanics are more likely to commit crimes and have diseases. He often promotes pseudoscientific studies that purport to demonstrate the intellectual and cultural superiority of whites and the supposed decline of American society because of integrationist social policies. Like other white supremacists, Taylor is most concerned that whites will soon be a minority in the U.S. and will lose their place in American society.

Taylor eschews anti-Semitism and often invites Jewish racists who share his views to speak at AR conferences. When asked about “the Jewish question” at a talk he held in London in April 2013, Taylor said that even though “Jews have been extremely vocal about promoting diversity in the United States,” he is mainly concerned with the racial question and “our displacement by other people.” Taylor also stated that he was not convinced that placing the blame on Jews for this displacement “changes any of our arguments.” He added that many Jews share the outlook of “race realists” and that AR “has preferred to set aside the question of Jews.

Activities in the U.S. and abroad

Taylor is very active in the U.S., where he presents his views at AR conferences and speaks at annual Council of Conservative Citizens (CofCC) gatherings, as well as other events. Before 2010, Taylor held biennial AR conferences. However, since anti-racists succeeded in getting the event cancelled at private venues in 2010 and 2011, Taylor began holding annual conferences on state property in Nashville, Tennessee where his speech is protected by the First Amendment.

He invites academic racists and nationalists from Europe and other parts of the world to the conferences to present their views on topics such as immigration, genetic characteristics and the alleged displacement of whites. The 2012 conference included European intellectual racists such as Richard Lynn and Alex Kutargic from Great Britain and Guillaume Faye from France. Taylor also invited American racists from other organizations with which he has ties. American speakers included James Edwards from The Political Cesspool, a white supremacist radio show; Merlin Miller and Virginia Abernethy, the 2012 presidential and vice presidential candidates, respectively, from the white supremacist American Third Position party, now known as the American Freedom Party (AFP), and Roan Garcia-Quintana, a director from the CofCC.

In 2013, Taylor invited Fabrice Robert of the Bloc Identitaire movement in France; William Johnson and Harry Betram from the AFP; Richard Spencer, head of the National Policy Institute, a white supremacist think tank; John Derbyshire, a former writer for the National Review and RamZPaul (aka Paul Ramsey), a racist who runs a YouTube channel where he posts videos that mock current events and political issues.  A prominent theme of the conference was creating a white ethno-state somewhere in America, where whites could live separately from non-whites. The audience included Matthew Heimbach, a young white supremacist who founded the Traditionalist Youth Network in 2013.

Scheduled speakers for the 2014 AR conference once again include Derbyshire and RamZPaul, Andrew Bons, president of the extreme right British Democratic Party and Sam Dickson, a white supremacist attorney who has addressed every conference held by AR.

In addition to AR conferences, Taylor has been busy with other activities. White supremacists at universities have invited him to speak on campus. In October 2012, Heimbach, who was then the founder of the White Student Union at Towson University in Maryland, asked Taylor to speak at the school. That same month, neo-Nazi Preston Wiginton invited Taylor to speak at Texas A&M University where Taylor claimed that there were “ongoing efforts to displace white Texans” at the school.

Young racists often see Taylor as a legitimate representative for their cause. In May 2011, Taylor helped the now-defunct college organization, Youth for Western Civilization (YWC), raise funds. In February 2011, Taylor attended the YWC’s panel, “Will Immigration Kill the GOP?” at the Conservative Political Action Conference with William Johnson from AFP.

In addition to his appearances in the United States, Taylor often speaks abroad, especially to ultra-nationalist groups in Europe, In March 2012, he gave a speech to 700 French nationalists about preserving French identity and combating non-white immigration in that country. The French nationalist group Nationality, Identity, Citizenship sponsored his talk.  In April 2013, Taylor returned to Europe, giving talks in London and Paris.  He spoke to the Bloomsbury Forum on “The Racial Transformation of America and the Political Prospects Going Forward.”  In Paris, he spoke at a meeting of the Geopolitics and Populations Institute on “Elections and Immigration: Can the Right Still Win?” Taylor also traveled to Bodrum, Turkey in September 2013 where he spoke at the Property and Freedom Society conference.

In articles and speeches, Taylor has said that he believes that American can no longer work within the political system for changes. He believes that Europe will be the vanguard for change for whites. At the CofCC conference in June 2013, he asserted, “We live in a sick and suicidal society” and that Europe is likely to change before the U.S.

In addition to his real-world appearances, Taylor has an active presence online. He regularly writes articles for the AR website and appears in videos  on the American Renaissance YouTube channel. He has also been a guest a number of times on on The Political Cesspool radio show, which also broadcasts over the Internet.