Unity in Israel

November 05, 2015

The ancient Jewish custom of building a Sukka was infused with new meaning in September, when the Anti-Defamation League erected a temporary structure in Jerusalem to bring different people together.

Hundreds, including many children, stopped by as part of a day-long Sukkot celebration organized by Meetchabrim, a network of organizations dedicated to building Israeli unity that now includes ADL. With ADL staff guiding them, the children created colorful paper chains and welcome signs that proclaimed, “Everybody is invited into our Sukka, where we are all equal.”

The children then carried this message far and wide by decorating their own Sukkas with the artwork.

This activity is just one of many ADL efforts to build a more inclusive Israel. Shaping the next generation is key.

“At a time when the news can be so grim, it was inspiring to see such an outpouring of people who wanted nothing more than co-existence,” said Carole Nuriel, Director of the ADL Israel office.