Press Release

ADL Calls on the U.S. to Veto One-Sided U.N. Security Council Resolution Holding Israel Responsible For Lack of Progress

New York, NY, December 22, 2016...The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) called on the United States to veto a one-sided resolution expected to be voted on in the Security Council later today that holds Israel and its settlement policy “in the West Bank and East Jerusalem” responsible for the lack of progress in Israeli-Palestinian negotiation.

The draft resolution, which is to be introduced by Egypt, names Israeli policies specifically as being responsible for “imperiling the two-State solution” while mentioning other issues, including terrorism and violence, in a generic, unspecific manner.

Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO, issued the following statement:

We expect the United States to veto this biased, unconstructive, resolution in the U.N. Security Council and affirm U.S. support for a two state solution that will bilaterally resolve all outstanding issues - including settlements.

We are cognizant that recent Israeli statements and legislative action regarding settlements have raised concerns among the international community. And while U.S. policy consistently has seen the expansion of settlements as an obstacle to a long-term peace, it has also recognized that there are other highly significant issues at play and that a solution to the conflict cannot be imposed on the parties but must be achieved by the parties themselves. However, this resolution is not a productive way to impact such policies.  Blaming the Israeli government for the current impasse fails to acknowledge the responsibility of the Palestinian Authority on a full spectrum of issues, particularly ongoing incitement and unwillingness to engage in bilateral negotiations. 

It is a reality that U.S. leadership is vital to this effort - not just to facilitate the process, but to ensure that Israel and the Palestinians have the support, confidence and security to take difficult risks. Public grandstanding such as this resolution may score points for the Palestinians, but it does not create an environment Israel and the Israeli public would find encouraging and conducive.

In November, Mr. Greenblatt urged U.S. restraint at expected action at the Security Council.

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