Press Release

ADL Partners on Antisemitism Education for Chilean Secondary School Students

Santiago, Chile, March 21, 2023 … ADL (the Anti-Defamation League) and the Jewish Museum of Chile announced a joint project to develop a digital education program to teach secondary school students about the Jewish people, antisemitism, and how to be an ally against antisemitism. COAJ “Combatiendo el Odio y el Antisemitismo Juntos” (Combating Hate and Antisemitism Together), aims to equip students with basic facts about Jews and antisemitism to prevent stereotypes from social media from filling that knowledge gap.

With the support of the Jewish Community of Chile, COAJ will be developed jointly with insights gained from ADL’s experience with digital education about antisemitism in the United States and the Jewish Museum’s experience in education and fighting antisemitism in Chile. The program is expected to be rolled out in the 2024 school year and expanded in the future to other countries in the region.

ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt said: “Jewish communities across the globe frequently express their top concern regarding the general public's lack of knowledge about Jews. Consequently, we are delighted to broaden our educational resources by collaborating with the Jewish Museum of Chile, a trusted partner with an expert professional team. Through the curriculum’s relatable stories, we are confident that students will develop knowledge, empathy, perspective, and allyship.”

Jewish Museum Founder and President Dalia Pollak said: “We are thrilled to launch this initiative, as it will provide the Museum with an opportunity to educate students about the ever-evolving nature of antisemitism, while also giving them a fundamental understanding of what it means to be Jewish and how and why Jews found refuge in Latin America. It is a privilege to collaborate with ADL as a global leader in combatting hate and extremism and add to our prior collaboration on the Pyramid of Hate.”

Ariela Agosin, President of the Jewish Community of Chile said: “We are proud that ADL chose Chile as a launchpad for such worthwhile initiatives that aim to create more awareness as an educational tool and a preventive measure to challenge antisemitism and hate. We look forward to working with ADL and the Museum to expand the reach.”

A high-level ADL delegation is currently in Chile, meeting with government officials, legislators, diplomats and the Jewish community.  On Monday, ADL unveiled a new Spanish-language translation of its comprehensive guide to contemporary antisemitism, making the online guide “Antisemitismo al descubierto” [ (“Antisemitism Uncovered,”) available to Latin American and Spanish-speaking audiences around the world for the first time.

COAJ and Antisemitismo al descubierto are part of a broader ADL effort of outreach to the Spanish-speaking world, which includes a new Spanish-language website and the translation and adaptation of various ADL resources to combat antisemitism and hate, including Piensa. Planea. Actua., an online resource for college students, Piramide del Odio, and immigration issues, as well as a stronger social media presence through ADL’s Spanish language twitter account: @ADL_es

ADL gratefully acknowledges The Azrieli Foundation for its sustained support and commitment to fighting antisemitism and for supporting this initiative.

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