Press Release

ADL Reacts to White Supremacist’s Jailhouse Interview Telling How He Purposely Targeted Jews in Kansas Shooting Spree

New York, NY, November 17, 2014 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today reacted to a jailhouse interview by avowed white supremacist Frazier Glenn Miller, who in a series of phone calls with a reporter from the Kansas City Star laid out in chilling detail how he methodically carried out the shootings that killed three people at Jewish sites in Overland Park, Kansas.

Miller, 73, told the newspaper that after he was treated for his own health problems related to emphysema in March, he decided to carry out the April 13 shooting rampage because, “I wanted to make damned sure I killed some Jews or attacked the Jews before I died.”

“It is chilling to hear this unrepentant bigot describe in such stark anti-Semitic terms how he purposefully targeted Jewish community centers in the hope of shooting as many Jews as possible,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.  “Miller’s words are a reminder of how someone who moved in extremist circles for years -- and who built up in his mind a horrific, conspiratorial portrait of what he and his compatriots believed was the “Jewish enemy” -- can be pushed over the edge into violent acts of hate.”

Mr. Foxman added, “This incident raises some serious questions about the role of prison authorities in enabling and permitting a racist and anti-Semitic bigot or any bigot to use his notoriety in a racist, anti-Semitic crime to project and advocate for his horrific behavior.  What values in society do his remarks serve?”

Miller is charged with capital murder in the killings of physician William Corporon, 69, and his grandson Reat Underwood, 14, at the Overland Park Jewish Community Center, and Terri LaManno, 53, at a nearby senior residence.  None of the victims were Jewish.

Miller is a white supremacist with a long history of promoting anti-Semitism and racism whose activities spanned more than three decades.  He said that he had no regrets about the shooting, and that he had purposely chosen the two sites “for the specific purpose of killing Jews.”  He added, “Because of what I did, Jews feel less secure.  Every Jew in the world knows my name now and what I did.  As for these … white people who associate with Jews, go to Jewish events and support them know that they’re not safe either, thanks to me.”

The interview comments are simply the latest in a long line of violent and hateful statements made by Miller.  ADL has a web page devoted to information and continuing developments on the Overland Park, Kansas shootings.