Press Release

ADL Statement on "Kill the Boer"

New York, NY, August 9, 2023 ... ADL (the Anti-Defamation League) today issued a statement in response to the recent debate over the song, "Kill the Boer" and baseless claims of "white genocide" that have been made by right wing extremists, and particularly white supremacists, in the United States for years. 

Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL CEO and National Director, issued the following statement:

ADL is focused on fighting the surge of global antisemitism, but we have observed the recent debate over the song "Kill the Boer."

While it is a historic protest song that called for the dismantlement of the racist apartheid system in South Africa, its crude lyrics could be interpreted as a call for violence.

At a time of intensifying political tensions worldwide, we see time and again that words matter, and people, especially those in public life, should refrain from expressions that invoke the threat of violence. Such rhetoric can prompt real-world consequences. This is true in the physical world. This is true on social media, including X. It has no place.

At the same time, baseless claims of “white genocide” have been made by right-wing extremists in the U.S., particularly white supremacists, for years. Such wild charges have been used to excuse hate, to justify harassment and to rationalize violence. This is an issue ADL has tracked for decades – and we will continue to call it out. 

ADL is the leading anti-hate organization in the world. Founded in 1913, its timeless mission is “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” Today, ADL continues to fight all forms of antisemitism and bias, using innovation and partnerships to drive impact. A global leader in combating antisemitism, countering extremism and battling bigotry wherever and whenever it happens, ADL works to protect democracy and ensure a just and inclusive society for all.