Press Release

ADL Statement on Proposed Judicial Reforms in Israel

New York, NY, February 15, 2023 ... ADL (the Anti-Defamation League) issued the following statement today concerning the proposed judicial reforms in Israel:

"As we have seen over the past several weeks, and as we have witnessed inside and outside of the Knesset, there are deep, passionate disagreements within Israeli society about issues and processes related to a series of proposed judicial reforms.

We join President Herzog’s urgent call to build a process to bring all sides together to forge consensus, for all leaders to work together and to avoid potentially 'violent confrontations.' We implore all parties to exert responsible leadership and avoid incendiary rhetoric. Debate and dissent are essential elements of a healthy democracy; intimidation, incitement and threats are not.  We further call on leaders to commit to upholding democratic values and the protections of minorities enshrined in Israel’s founding Declaration of Independence.  
At a time of rising antisemitism worldwide, the Jewish people cannot afford such acrimony and division. We urge all sides in Israel and the Diaspora to remain committed to reasonable compromise and constructive discourse. At the same time, ADL will continue to combat efforts by malicious actors who will attempt to seize on current developments to continue their attacks on Zionism, on Israel’s fundamental legitimacy, and to spread anti-Jewish hate. 
We are and always will be a steadfast supporter of the Jewish state and we remain inspired by the resilience of Israeli democracy and the dynamism of Israeli society. In its 75th year, we look forward to Israel moving through this crisis and to a healthy and vibrant future for the country and for all the Jewish people."

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