Press Release

ADL Welcomes Quartet’s Call to Palestinian Leaders to Stop Incitement Against Israel

New York, NY, July 1, 2016 … The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) today welcomed the Middle East Quartet’s call on the Palestinian Authority to “act decisively” to stop incitement to violence and strengthen efforts to combat terrorism following a series of deadly terrorist attacks in Israel over the last few days.

“In the aftermath of two deadly days in Israel, when civilians have been targeted in their beds, on the street and in their cars, it is clear that Palestinian leaders are not doing enough to stop incitement to violence in society,” said Jonathan A. Greenblatt, ADL CEO.  “The Quartet’s call is encouraging and significant because they have made clear that Palestinian leadership must take real and serious steps to stop terrorism and violence against civilians in order to set the stage for peace.”

The Middle East Quartet – comprised of the United States, European Union, United Nations and Russia – has issued a report on the situation on ground between Israel and the Palestinians highlighting three main areas which it says are “undermining hopes” for peace: violence and incitement; settlement building; and the situation in Gaza.

“Along with serious Palestinian steps on incitement and an end to their efforts to circumvent direct negotiations through international campaigns, there are tangible measures Israel can take related to settlement building and Palestinian development,” Mr. Greenblatt said. “The recommendation for support for civil society efforts to foster understanding, tolerance and counter-extremism is a constructive measure both sides can embrace.”

ADL welcomed the Quartet report as a good-faith approach to constructively and practically encourage steps to support a two-state solution, while noting the importance of the Quartet’s assertion that “a permanent status agreement that ends the conflict can only be achieved through direct bilateral negotiations.”