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11 Ways to Go Back to School with Anti-Bias Education

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The back to school time of year can bring a sense of excitement about fresh beginnings and new ideas. This year, we will likely see continued challenges surrounding the pandemic, teacher shortages and other issues. Below are 11 ways to bring anti-bias practices into schools and classrooms.

  1. Consider how to use anti-bias teaching tools and strategies including When it Comes to Bias, We Must Prioritize Impact over Intent, Race Talk: Engaging in Conversations about Race and RacismMoving From Safe Classrooms to Brave Classrooms and more.   
  2. Teach about current events using our recent lesson plans such as Anti-Bias Mini-Film Festival, Indian/Native American Boarding Schools: Their History, Harm and Impact. and Hair, Discrimination and the CROWN Act. We have many other timely lessons.
  3. Schedule Anti-Bias Workshops and Programs, including anti-bias training for educators and peer training for students.
  4. Share with parents and family members one of our Table Talk discussion guides about current events. Recent topics include: What Will Happen to Abortion Rights Now that Roe v. Wade Is Overturned?, Why is there a Refugee Crisis, What is Critical Race Theory and Why is it in the News So Much? and more. 
  5. Visit our Early Childhood Question Corner to explore the roots of bias, how to address bullying among young children and ideas to initiate discussions about differences.
  6. Use our Monthly Featured Book discussion guides to explore bias, bullying and social justice through literature. Find other excellent books on Books Matter
  7. Learn about No Place for Hate and register your school for the upcoming school year. 
  8. Find ways to talk with young people about gun violence, extremism and other acts of hate with Empowering Young People in the Aftermath of Hate.
  9. Watch our short, self-guided learning modules to help familiarize yourself with our anti-bias framework, core themes and topics.  
  10. Explore Hate Uncycled, a program that helps the whole college community address bias and hate on campus.  
  11. Learn about ADL’s education programs and training including A World of Difference Institute, Bullying/Cyberbullying, BINAH, Holocaust Education and No Place for Hate®.