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Bullying and Cyberbullying Prevention Strategies and Resources

Teenage Girl Being Bullied via Text Message
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Bullying and Cyberbullying Statistics and Statutes

Statistics Infographic (English or Spanish, PDF)

Bullying Prevention Statutes (PDF)

Resources for Educators and Administrators

The "Grown Folks" Guide to Popular Apps

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Tips for Schools (PDF)

Ways to Address Bias and Bullying, Short, Medium and Long-Term (PDF)

What Can Be Done About Name-Calling and Bullying

Misdirections in Bullying Prevention and Intervention

Zero Indifference: a Guide to Stop Name-Calling and Bullying (PDF)

Ten Things Students Wish Teachers Knew about Name-Calling and Bullying

Words That Heal: Using Children's Literature to Address Bullying (curriculum resource)

Identity-Based Bullying (lesson plan)

Building Respectful School Climates (webinar series)

Additional Anti-Bias Resources

Resources for Students

6 Ways to Be an Ally (English and Spanish)

Are You Ready to Be an Ally? (English or Spanish, PDF)

10 Ways to Respond to Bullying (English or Spanish, PDF)

Taking a Stand: A Student's Guide to Stop Name-Calling and Bullying (PDF)

Navigating a Digital World: Tips for Youth (English and Spanish)

Resources for Families and Caregivers

Parent, Family and Caregivers Resources Page

The "Grown Folks" Guide to Popular Apps

Bullying Prevention and Intervention Strategies for Families (English or Spanish, PDF)

What to Do If Your Child Exhibits Bullying Behaviors (English or Spanish, PDF)

Internet Guidelines for Families (English or Spanish)

Cyberbullying Warning Signs

Addressing Hate Online: Countering Cyberhate with Counterspeech

What Can I Do about Bullying Among Young Children? (PDF)

How Can I Use Books to Address Bullying? (PDF)

What Bullying Is and Is Not (Table Talk parent/family discussion guide)