Tools and Strategies

A Guide for Responding to School-Based Bias Incidents

Teenage girl talks in group therapy session


For Educators

Is your school experiencing a bias or hate incident?

Whether it be a racist “joke,” slur, stereotype or some other form of implicit or explicit bias, school community members must be committed to addressing bias-related incidents in schools.

Educators and school administrators play vital roles in creating an environment where all students can learn and thrive. Cultivating an equitable and inclusive school community requires ensuring that historically marginalized students are welcome and safe.

By challenging harmful language and behaviors and educating students about the offensive language and its impact, educators and school administrators can actively challenge bias, cultivate inclusivity and model how students can do the same.


We are here for you.

If you have experienced or witnessed an incident of bias, bigotry, hate, antisemitism or extremism, please fill out our incident intake form.

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