Tools and Strategies

Identity, Inclusiveness & Free Speech Campus Program

When Hate Comes to Campus...

ADL provides campuses with tools and strategies for responding to hate and bias incidents, ensuring that participants understand the role of free speech and the escalation of hate, including new trends in extremism.

We design sessions for any level of staff, faculty, administration, bias incident response or law enforcement teams, according to your campus needs.

We help teams with visionary and practical strategies for balancing values of free speech and academic freedom with maintaining an inclusive campus climate and responding to hate. The program is taught by an ADL civil rights attorney, an anti-bias educator, and a local community service professional who is committed to staying connected and investing in your campus community’s success.

The program includes a segment on speech on campus, including focus on the First Amendment, academic freedom, outside speakers, student organizations, and protocols for preparing for and handling protests and bias incidents, including hate crimes. Participants tackle tough case studies that reflect recent events on campuses around the country. The program culminates with action planning on how to ensure a safe, respectful campus environment.

Below is a bit more about what you can expect. We look forward to getting acquainted and working with you.


The development of the specific, customized agenda for this program will be informed by data gathered through a needs’ assessment process conducted prior to the training sessions. This process includes using in-person meetings and survey instruments. Once the program is scheduled, ADL staff will gather information from key stakeholders in the campus community.


The program is interactive and utilizes a variety of training modalities, including small and large group discussions, case studies, multimedia presentations and collaborative problem-solving. Each agenda is customized to meet the specific needs of the client.


Participants: 20 to 50 administrators, faculty and other staff per session

Space: Large meeting room with movable seating


Fees are determined based on program length, type of agenda, the number of sessions scheduled, and the number of required ADL training specialists.

· $2,000, four-hour workshop with four ADL professional staff for 20 to 50 participants each

· $4,000, seven-hour workshop with four ADL professional staff

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