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Love Has No Labels

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About the Campaign

The Ad Council’s Love Has No Labels is a public service advertising campaign that encourages people to examine and challenge their own implicit bias. The campaign launched nationally in March 2015 with a video of skeletons dancing and embracing before coming out from behind an x-ray screen revealing themselves as diverse couples, friends and families. The video, named after the campaign, received more than 164 million views making it the second most viewed social activism video of all time. On Independence Day in 2016, Love Has No Labels released another film, We Are America, featuring John Cena celebrating the diversity of America. The campaign features a new PSA called Fans of Love. The Anti-Defamation League is one of the lead non-profit partners to provide expertise, advice and resources for the project.

ADL has developed discussion guides to accompany two of the videos—Love Has No Labels and Fans of Love.

Love Has No Labels

This video features real people filmed at a live event in which a large x-ray screen depicts the people only as two skeletons embracing. As the skeleton images separate and walk out from behind the screen, the audience discovers who they really are, highlighting different pairings of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, ability and age.

Educator's Guide

The Educator's Guide provides information about how to bring these discussions into your classroom and includes key words, discussion questions, extension activities by grade level (grades 3-12), tips for rethinking bias in school and additional resources. You may pick and choose the questions and activities that work for your classroom and time allotted.

Family and Caregiver Guide

The Family and Caregiver Guide provides information about how to have these discussions at home and includes conversation starter questions, tips for how to rethink bias at home and additional resources.

Fans of Love

For years, kiss cams have been a big part of American sports culture. In Fans of Love, Love Has No Labels puts a twist on the kiss cam by turning it into a symbol for unbiased love. In the stadium, fans cheered for love in all its forms—regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, age or religion.

Campus Discussion Guide

The Campus Discussion Guide assists student leaders and others at colleges and universities to facilitate conversations among the student body about inclusion, diversity and equity. The guide includes key words, discussion questions, ideas for going further, talking points and additional resources.