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Mini-Lesson: What is Anti-Immigrant Bias?

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Short Online Experience to Learn about this Core Topic

For Educators | Middle School, High School

About the Mini-Lesson

This mini-lesson introduces you to the stereotypes that fuel anti-immigrant bias and helps you cultivate an inclusive classroom environment.

ADL's mini-lessons are short, interactive, online lessons for educators to learn about a core ADL topic, theme or activity. 

Essential Questions 

This self-paced mini-lesson will explore these key questions:

  • What is anti-immigrant bias?
  • What stereotypes fuel anti-immigrant bias, and how can we counter them?
  • How can you challenge anti-immigrant bias as an educator?


15 minutes. Go at your own pace, pausing and resuming as needed.


Be sure you have audio capability to hear voiceover explanations for the slides. Closed-captioning available for slides with audio.