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What children learn from their parents, family members and caregivers lasts a lifetime. From an early age and throughout their childhood, children learn from the adults who are central to their everyday lives. The values, principles and learning opportunities that are conveyed through modeling, exposure and action are critical. Therefore, it is important to create a home life that recognizes the diversity of our world, addresses bullying, opposes bias, and in small and large ways, challenges those injustices.

Here are resources that provide strategies, tips, guiding principles and resources to help you impart those values and principles to the children in your lives.

Table Talk: Family Conversations about Current Events

Table Talk: Family Conversations about Current Events provides parents and family members with the tools they need to engage in conversations about important news stories and societal and world events. Each guide includes a topic summary, discussion questions, ideas for taking action and additional resources.

Bullying and Cyberbullying

Children's Literature

Books Matter: The Best Kid Lit on Bias, Diversity and Social Justice is ADL's online bibliography of recommended children's books about bias, bullying, diversity and social justice. The directory of over 700 books represents the best anti-bias, multicultural and bilingual literature for educators and families.

Books Matter also includes a Book of the Month. Each Book of the Month has an Educator Discussion Guide and a Parent/Family Guide to help facilitate discussions with children and young people about understanding and challenging bias and bullying and promoting diversity and social justice. The guides include a summary of the book, conversation starters, talking points, activities and additional resources.

Rosalind's Classroom Conversations

A monthly resource written by Rosalind Wiseman, best-selling author and bullying prevention specialist, featuring essays on bullying, current events and the social and emotional development of children. 

Sample essays:

Early Childhood FAQs

A collection of answers to frequently asked questions about anti-bias issues faced by family members and early childhood professionals interested in promoting respect for diversity among young children.

Sample questions:

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