The Supreme Court has gutted voting rights protections that for decades were supported by Republicans and Democrats alike. Congressional gridlock has further sidelined the federal government and made possible an enormous volume of state laws effectively disenfranchising many voters, especially people of color, people with disabilities, low-income voters and other marginalized communities.

In additional to extremism and threats of violence, a broader illiberalism across the political sphere also exacerbates the threat to democracy.

We need allyship, not division, as we face the enormous threat to our democracy. We need engagement across our differences, not isolation of already marginalized and targeted groups. We need to stomp out the embers of hate that threaten our democracy.

Protection through Partnerships

ADL is protecting elections through projects like Our Time Our Vote, a voter education and joint registration effort with the National Urban League. We also collaborated with the Bridging Divides Initiative to create the first publicly available mapped database tracking threats against local officials, including election certification and administration.

Protection through the Courts

ADL has led a faith-based amicus brief in Moore v. Harper, opposing a claim by the North Carolina General Assembly that it has the sole power to set the state’s congressional map, and this power cannot be challenged under the state’s constitution in state courts. Represented by the Brennan Center, ADL is engaged in active litigation against the State of Texas regarding the implementation of draconian voting legislation enacted by the state following the 2020 election. ADL also supports and advocates for pro-voter legislation.

Protection through Education

ADL’s Education department provides resources and strategies for educators, staff, students and parents on political violence, election-related misinformation and disinformation and voting rights.