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Aryan Nations

Symbol type: Racist/Extremist Group
Symbol Description: A white Wolfsangel symbol with a sword replacing the cross-bar and a crown overlaying the hilt of the sword. Underneath the Wolfsangel symbol is a blue shield.
Hate Group/Extremist Organization: Aryan Nations
Extremist Meaning or Representation: Using the sword with the Wolfsangel is intended to make the symbol look more cross-like as well as to connote the notion of Aryan Nations’ view of Christianity as a “warrior religion.” The crown is also intended as a Christian aspect of the symbol.
Background/History: A neo-Nazi, Christian Identity organization led by Richard Butler and based in Hayden Lake, Idaho. Aryan Nations is also known as the Church of Jesus Christ Christian. Christian Identity is a racist religion that teaches that whites ("Aryans") are descended from the Lost Tribes of Israel and are thus God’s chosen people; also that Jews are descendants of Satan and non-whites are soulless "mud peoples."