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Swastika Variants

Symbol type: Neo-Nazi, White supremacist
Symbol Description:Various; the most typical involve a swastika-derived image or other white supremacist symbol on a white and red background.
Hate Group/Extremist Organization: Various
Background/History: Neo-Nazis around the world have created many variations on the flags of Nazi Germany over the years, often because Nazi flags themselves are banned in a number of countries. Some variations involve modifying the swastika to some degree, while others replace the swastika with an alternate white supremacist symbol such as various runes used in Nazi Germany (especially the Wolfsangel, Odal, and Life runes). The flags shown here are just a sampling of the many neo-Nazi flags that have emerged around the globe, from Europe to Asia to the Americas. Though generally arising from abroad, these flags can sometimes also be found in the United States or on American white supremacist Web sites.