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Kahane Movement (2)

Description: A clenched fist outlined in black is raised through the middle of a black Star of David.

Explanation: The fist conveys strength, courage and militancy. The Star of David represents the group's Jewish identity.

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The Kahane Movement consists of several extremist Jewish groups who follow the Jewish nationalist ideology of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane. In Israel, they include: the Kach Party, Kahane Chai, the National Jewish Front and G'dud Haivri (The Jewish Legion); in the United States: the Jewish Defense League, and the Jewish Defense Organization. These organizations advocate militant Jewish nationalism as a means to protect the Jewish people. In its 35 year history, Kahane's supporters have demonstrated a pattern of xenophobia, anti-Arab bigotry and violence in the U.S. and Israel.

Kahane's assassination in 1990 greatly weakened the movement, particularly in the U.S. where few followers remain. The Oslo Peace Process in 1993, however, galvanized Kahanists in Israel and increased their violent activities. Since the onset of the second intifada in 2000, former Kach and Kahane Chai members have opposed a negotiated peace with the Palestinians through physical confrontations and violent means. Working with other Jewish extremists, such as Revava and the Temple Mount Faithful, its members have threatened to revolt against the Israeli government in response to any Israeli withdrawal from the occupied territories.

Focus of Operations

Israel and the United States

Major Attacks



Militant Jewish nationalism


Ridding Israel, the West Bank and Gaza of Arabs.


Protests, harassment, shootings, bombings.


None known

U.S.-Related Activities