Explore these interactive, online resources designed for you to learn and engage in topics about bias, bullying, identity, social justice and allyship. Learn on your own or with classmates or share with friends. You can move at your own pace, pausing and resuming as needed.

Student Mini Lessons

In 20 minutes or less, learn about the main ideas behind anti-bias thinking and ways to take action against bias and injustice.

Identity Iceberg

In this student edition of the Identity Iceberg, you will get to understand the multiple dimensions and complexity of identity and learn how to get to know someone without relying on assumptions.

What is Bias?

Where does bias come from? Learn about bias and how to recognize and interrupt it.

The Pyramid of Hate

This student edition of the Pyramid of Hate will help you understand how hate can escalate when biased attitudes go unchecked.

How Do We Create a Brave Space?

Learn what a brave space is and how you can help create a welcoming classroom where every student feels appreciated, supported and able to express their ideas.

Creating Dialogue

How can we learn from each other’s perspectives? Learn the difference between a dialogue and a debate, explore key dialogue skills and consider your role in a dialogue. 

Student Mini Courses

Our mini courses for young people are 45 minutes or more, delving deeper into topics around bias and bullying that impact their everyday lives.

Bullying Online: What Can I Do to Help?

Learn about bullying and cyberbullying and the different roles we play. Discover ways you can respond and stop it and how you can be an ally to those you see being bullied.

Online Hate: What Can I Do to Help?

What is online hate and how can you respond when you see or experience it? Understand the impact of online hate and learn ways you can address and confront it.

Teacher among kids with computers in elementary school class

Teacher Assigned Online Classroom Assignments


Help young people become the investigators and researchers, exploring a variety of topics on bias, diversity, identity, social justice and more. Assign or share with students these interactive lessons and activities that incorporate different media like video, literature, music and the arts.