SXSW Voting



Through our expertise in technology and anti-bias education, ADL Center for Technology and Society and ADL Education has curated and submitted three panels for SXSW 2019! We’re pleased to announce that all three ADL Education proposals submitted to the 2019 SXSW conference have been accepted. The sessions that will be presenting are: From Headline to Homework: Teaching Current Events  presented by Jinnie Spiegler, Let's Get Real: A Primer for Allies presented by Melia Dunn and Rachelle Warren and Teaching Social Justice through Art  presented by Jillian Bontke and Blanton Museum staff. See more panel details below.


Online Methods to Prevent IRL Hate and Extremism

Hate and extremism from far right ideologies is spreading in America. Part of the catalyst of this new trend is the availability of online propaganda supporting the causes. Our panel of experts counters hate and extremism online and in real life, and we will use the panel to discuss the interaction between online hate and extremism and real life consequence. 

merging tech_civil rights

VR/AR Save the World! Emerging Tech & Civil Rights

How can non-profit organizations harness the power of VR and AR technology to promote social good? Join the ADL's Center for Technology and Society as it discusses its breakthrough work with VR/AR content creators from Kinevitz, Artie, and The Field Museum. Learn about the public interest projects applying innovative tools to civil rights issues -- like data visualization of U.S. hate crimes statistics in VR and more!


Fight Hate and Build Empathy with Games

A workshop that will walk game creators through a design framework developed by game scholar Dr. Karen Schrier focusing on how certain game design choices can increase empathy and reduce bias in players. The workshop will also include a walkthrough of how to use the framework in a game jam context as a form of anti-bias training for game developers.


From Headline to Homework: Teaching Current Events

Are discussions about #MeToo making their way into your classroom? Do you want to raise news topics like the Muslim ban, immigration and “taking a knee,” but are not sure how? Young people hear about controversial issues in the news constantly; they want and should be part of the conversation. Using ADL’s anti-bias framework, interactive strategies and curriculum content about current events, gain confidence and skills to turn “teachable moments” into enriching classroom conversations.


Let’s Get Real: A Primer for Allies

Feeling compelled to effect change doesn't always translate into an easily implemented plan, especially when priorities and sensitivities can conflict. Before accepting a call to action, allies must first check their own biases, expectations and privilege in relation to the community they intend to impact. Explore important considerations that should precede allyship through a series of interactive group discussions and personal reflection. Leave with strategies to operationalize your advocacy.


Teaching Social Justice Through Art

Identity is a filter through which we view the world. Examining our own lens is critical to building culturally proficient learning spaces. Art as a medium assists educators in promoting self-reflection about identity, dialogue about difference, and empathetic understanding. We will explore how Art can bridge conversations that address bias, race, inequity, and membership. Leave with tools to facilitate classroom conversations about racial bias, immigration, mental health, and being an ally.