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Time is of the essence. Your input — together with the input of others — matters on Capitol Hill. ADL’s legislative advocacy arm works with dozens of leaders in Washington. When we fail to demonstrate grassroots support in lawmakers’ districts, our voice is diminished.

Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue memorials

Support the Passage of the NO HATE Act of 2019

Tell Congress to pass the National Opposition to Hate, Assault, and Threats to Equality (NO HATE) Act of 2019 in order to improve local and state hate crime training, prevention, best practices, and data collection initiatives and make grants available for state hate crime reporting hotlines.

Religion and Politics Separate Street Signs

Tell Congress: Support the Do No Harm Act

Despite Religious Freedom Restoration Act's (RFRA) original intent to protect religious freedom, in recent years RFRA has been used to escape anti-discrimination, public accommodation, or anti-bullying prevention laws. The Do No Harm Act would ensure that the application of RFRA reverts to the legislation’s original intent.