Aaron Parker

Austin, TX
Aaron Parker

Scrum Master, Cox Automotive

Aaron has been a professional facilitator within the software industry for over five years helping teams and individuals focus on work that is important and meaningful to them. He's been active in the Austin Jewish community through Moishe House for the last three years and enjoys creating educational events with his peers and friends.

Aaron was a participant in the GLI program last year and is excited to help the ADL improve its curriculum and development activities as part of this board.

What are you most looking forward to as a new member of the GLI AAB?
I'm looking forward to being a part of something meaningful and doing work towards combating discrimination.

What do you hope the board (or you as a member of the board) will accomplish and/or help solve within this year?
I'd like for us to have a few ways to engage more people or engage some people better and also to be able to measure how we're doing that on an ongoing basis. The learnings from this group need to live beyond its current membership.