Debbie Silverman

Boston, MA
Debbie Silverman

5th Grade Teacher at Belmont Day School

Debbie grew up in the Boston area and after graduating from Brown, she worked in real estate finance in San Francisco. She quickly realized this was not the job for her and she started her teaching career out West. She moved back to Boston to earn her Master's in Elementary Education and has been a teacher of 5th graders and a middle school coach for 10 years. Debbie graduated the GLI program in 2014 and co-chaired her region's GLI for two years while being an active member of her local Associate Board. Debbie is passionate about her work with ADL New England and received the Krupp Young Leadership Award this past December. She also volunteers with the Center for Jewish Philanthropies (CJP), in Boston and Jewish Big Brother Big Sister. She is ecstatic to be part of this pilot advisory board and to help connect GLI Alums within the Boston area, as well as across the nation. Debbie hopes to develop a system to meet both professional and personal needs of GLI Alumni. Debbie got married this past January and beams with pride when talking about her nine nieces and nephews.

What are you most looking forward to as a new member of the GLI AAB?
To see how other regions work/help GLI alumni take the next step

What do you hope the board (or you as a member of the board) will accomplish and/or help solve within this year?
Figure out if there's something in between for people to stay involved between GLI and joining a local Associate Board, that's middle time and financial commitment.