Emily Phelps

Atlanta, GA
Emily Phelps

Social Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager at Secureworks

With more than 15 years of professional marketing and communications experience, Emily’s passion for authentic storytelling has propelled her career throughout the private, nonprofit and public sectors. In her current role as social marketing and corporate communications manager for Secureworks, she oversees the organization’s external communications opportunities while collaborating across departments to develop and share compelling content for diverse audiences.

Prior to joining Secureworks, Emily worked at UPS, Park Pride, the Atlanta BeltLine and Weber Shandwick–Chicago. Emily received her M.A. in Public Administration and her B.A. in Journalism from Georgia State University.

Graduating from the ADL’s GLI program in 2016, Emily has remained active as a member of the Leadership Development Committee and an advocate for the ADL’s mission. As a member of the GLI Alumni Advisory Board, she looks forward to motivating and mobilizing her fellow GLI alumni to participate in activities that will help grow this unique community, combat hate and secure justice for all.

What are you most looking forward to as a new member of the GLI AAB?
The GLI program should be viewed as a first step into the fight against hate and for equality, but for many, the journey ends after graduation. I look forward to working with other GLI alumni that have found a path to stay active and continue the fight with this pragmatic and holistic organization, identifying ways to knock down barriers to involvement and action.

What do you hope the board (or you as a member of the board) will accomplish and/or help solve within this year?
The work will never be complete within a year, but we can make tremendous strides to building engagement and action. This year, I hope we will identify top priorities that we can work towards solving in terms of engagement and communication. I hope we use this year to clarify how this robust group of alumni can stay active and evangelize on behalf of ADL in meaningful ways that help mobilize this movement.