ADL has developed resources to help you respond to anti-Semitic incidents, and stand up to anti-Israel bias. Explore these tools to learn how to navigate challenging situations you might face on your college campus.


How to Recognize Anti-Semitism vs. Anti-Israel Bias

Learn how to recognize which it is, and differentiate both from legitimate criticism of policies of the State of Israel. 

Student Voices

Whatever you might encounter on your campus—it’s happened to other students too. Find out what they faced, how they handled it, and what you can learn from their experiences.


How Can I be Prepared for Anti-Semitism and Anti-Israel Bias on Campus?

An introduction to the issues Jewish students face on some college campuses today. Read about some situations you might confront, and suggested steps you could take to prepare beforehand, or to take action at the time.

Dos and Don’ts in Responding to Anti-Semitism on Campus

If you or another Jewish student is targeted on your campus, you can be ready. Know who to turn to, what to do—and what not to do.

Six Proactive Strategies to Prevent Anti-Israel Activity…and What to Do if it Happens Anyway

There are proactive steps you can take to prevent an anti-Israel event from taking place on your campus, and to be ready to act effectively if and when it does.

What Is... Anti-Israel, Anti-Semitic, Anti-Zionist?

What’s behind these words? Get the background and learn the nuances so you’ll be better prepared to respond if you encounter them on campus. 

Free Speech Q & A: Frequently Asked Questions About Free Speech on Campus

Questions about free speech on campus? Start here. This FAQ gives a basic overview of the issue.  ADL also offers trainings for college and university staff and administrators on hate, bias and free speech.



Report an Incident

Contact ADL for advice on
responding to bias incidents.


Bring "Words to Action" to Your Campus

ADL’s workshops can empower
you and fellow students to counter
anti-Semitism and anti-Israel


Find an ADL Office Near You

Wherever you are, there’s an ADL
office ready to respond to events
on your campus.

Save and Print the Toolkit

Download ADL’s complete set of resources for college students.

Additional Resources

  • A Campus of Difference™ - Learn about anti-bias training workshops that help establish more welcoming, inclusive and diverse campus environments.
  • ADL Partner: Love Has No Labels - ADL has developed discussion guides to accompany the Ad Council’s public service ad campaign, which encourages people to examine and challenge their own implicit bias.