ADL condemns in the strongest terms Russia's February 2022 unprovoked invasion of Ukraine and aggression towards the Ukrainian people, a blatant violation of international law. This unnecessary war, which has its roots in the years-long military actions instigated by Russian President Vladimir Putin, has already caused thousands of deaths, is unleashing untold misery on the civilian population, and threatens the independence of Ukraine, a sovereign country and a fellow democracy.

The ramifications of Russia’s aggression ripple far beyond Ukraine’s borders: they pose a threat to democracy everywhere.

ADL continues to monitor this situation closely, including the impact on the Jewish community and its institutions, and is in contact with partners providing aid on the ground and to the refugees who have fled this war.

Moment of Hope Bravery of People of Ukraine

Things You Can Do Today to Support Ukraine

1. Donate to organizations doing critical work to meet the urgent humanitarian need of those on the ground, and the hundreds of thousands of refugees fleeing Ukraine.

2. Sponsor Ukrainian and other refugees by joining Welcome Corps, a new program from the Department of State and the Department of Health and Human Services. Welcome Corps allows Americans to support welcoming, resettling and integrating newly arriving refugees through private sponsorship. People work in groups to secure and prepare initial housing, greet refugee newcomers at the airport, enroll children in school, and help adults find employment. Visit Welcome Corps to learn more about the process of serving as a private sponsor.

3. Read ADL's statement of solidarity with the people of Ukraine with the Jewish Federation of Ukraine, ADL’s blog Why the U.S. and the West Must Continue Supporting Ukraine and more resources below.

4. Report misinformation and disinformation about the Ukraine crisis being propagated across many platforms. Never amplify misinformation and disinformation by replying or reposting. This teaches the algorithms to promote the post.

ADL Blogs and Reports

22 min, 2 sec

Natan Sharansky Discusses Ukraine Crisis with ADL

Discussion with Expert Analysis:

  • Soviet Refusenik Natan Sharansky in conversation with Sharon Nazarian on Ukraine and what it means for Europe and the world.
  • Vlad Davidzon, Chief Editor of the Odessa Review and a Non-Resident Fellow at the Atlantic Council, discusses the current situation on the ground in Ukraine.
  • Rachel Levitan, HIAS’s VP for International Policy and Relations, reports on the situation confronting refugees and displaced people fleeing the violence.