We are in the midst of an epidemic of anti-Semitic violence, sending shockwaves through the Jewish community. This growing anti-Semitism is happening at a time when domestic terrorism is also disturbingly high. Three of the five deadliest years for murders by domestic extremists in the last fifty years were between 2013 and 2018.

Congress must take action to address this surge in violence and terrorism. Specifically, ADL is asking Congress to do four things:

  1. Fully fund the Non-Profit Security Grant Program to assist faith based and non-profit groups with security enhancements to protect against terrorist attacks.
  2. Pass the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act (DTPA) (S. 894/ H.R. 1931) which would enhance the federal government's ability to measure and fight domestic terrorism.
  3. Pass the Khalid Jabara and Heather Heyer National Opposition to Hate, Assault, and Threats to Equality Act of 2019 (NO HATE Act of 2019 S. 2043H.R. 3545) which would authorize incentive grants to improve local and state hate crime training, prevention, best practices, and data collection.
  4. Pass the Never Again Education Act (S. 2085H.R. 943) which creates a new training and education outreach program to help teachers get resources to teach the universal lessons of the Holocaust. 

Send a message to your elected representatives, urging them to support these vital actions and take a stand against anti-Semitism, white supremacy and domestic terrorism during this time of great need. 


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