Support ADL to #StandUpAgainstHate

Stand Up Against Hate

The horrific events in Charlottesville and the divisive discussion that followed serves as a powerful reminder that ADL’s work and mission have never been more essential.

ADL’s Center on Extremism was at the forefront of the Unite the Right story from the beginning, equipping members of Virginia's law enforcement community with background and intelligence, producing public resources on the extremist groups and individuals involved, and providing its expertise and analysis to media throughout the weekend and beyond. All of this work continues today, in the event's aftermath.

The extremists are not going away. Neo-Nazis and white supremacists are promising more and larger demonstrations to promote their sickening agenda, which celebrates anti-Semitism, racism and bigotry in all its ugly forms. And, they are aggressively inserting themselves into mainstream America, and attempting to normalize their hateful message.

ADL has always stood up against hate, and our work has never been more critical. We must continue to fulfill the mission that has informed and inspired our work since our founding in 1913. Doing so means ensuring that our work, including our Center on Extremism's tireless efforts to monitor, expose and disrupt all forms of extremism, is properly funded. As we all know, vigilance requires resources.

To address this urgent need, we launched a special #StandUpAgainstHate fundraising initiative, with the goal of raising $5 million dollars now.

These immediate funds will amplify ADL’s voice and empower our critical efforts to oppose defamation, confront extremism and promote a positive agenda of inclusion, respect and the celebration of democratic ideals.

Please join us in this urgent initiative. Your support makes ADL’s vital work possible.