We Remember: 9/11



On the 20th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, we remember the 2,977 people who perished and the more than 6,000 injured on that day. We have since witnessed even more victims suffer and succumb to illnesses related to their heroic rescue and recovery efforts. Others suffered and some lost their lives because of exposure in lower Manhattan where they were living, working, studying or visiting. First and foremost, we send condolences and prayers to families who grieve, who come from all walks of life and faiths. We are grateful for the service and sacrifice of the first responders and wish for this generation of children to live in more peaceful times.

We are also grateful for the service or our men and women in the military who served their country, many of whom lost their lives or suffered great injury and harm.  Whatever one’s politics, we owe these service members great respect, gratitude and support.

We also acknowledge, with deep sorrow and anger, those who were wrongly targeted in our own country in the aftermath of this tragedy, including far too many Muslim Americans who were scapegoated for the tragedy. We also forcefully condemn attempts by those who have sought to use the 9/11 attacks as an opportunity to promote hateful and false antisemitic conspiracy theories.

ADL has always believed in the power of education to promote greater understanding and acceptance. We invite you to talk about 9/11 with your family; read reflections about the attack and its aftermath; and turn to research for perspectives on events today: