Anti-Semitism Globally

Anti-Semitism is a global phenomenon with more than one billion people holding anti-Semitic views. This statistic is among revelations of ADL’s groundbreaking poll tracking anti-Semitic attitudes worldwide: the 2014 ADL Global 100. Conducted in 101 countries and territories, the poll provided a rare glimpse of prevailing worldwide sentiments about Jews.

Some results were expected. Others offered fresh insights: 35% of people never heard of the Holocaust. 41% believe Jews are more loyal to Israel than their own country, and 74% of people in the Middle East and North Africa are anti-Semitic—the highest regional percentage in the world. Of the 26% of people who hold anti-Semitic views, 70% have never actually met a Jewish person.

ADL will continue to update this information and make it available to the world.