Bias and hate manifest in our society in a myriad of ways. They lead to disrespect, harm and injustice. ADL believes that hate can escalate when biased attitudes and actions go unchecked. We fight bias by addressing and challenging it wherever we see it, including online, and by working to create inclusive and equitable environments in schools and workplaces. By speaking out, educating and advocating, we fight for stronger responses to bias-related incidents and crimes, and help communities across the country become safer, more inclusive and equitable places.

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Address bias through education

ADL’s anti-bias education programs help young people challenge bias in themselves, others and society. Millions of students — an entire generation — along with their teachers have benefited from this training, which has improved the climate of thousands of schools across the country.

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Make workplaces more inclusive

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) principles are essential to fostering safe, respectful workplaces with access and representation for all. We work with businesses and organizations of all types to provide support, resources and training to help promote workplaces where all employees thrive.