In recent years, our country has witnessed violent insurrectionist threats to democracy, a rise in hate crimes and rampant online conspiracy theories that have escalated into acts of hate and even terrorism. ADL monitors, exposes and disrupts extremist threats from across the ideological spectrum.

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Monitor, research and analyze

Our staff of investigators, analysts, researchers and technical experts are the foremost nongovernmental authorities on domestic extremism. Their work is highlighted in reports, blog posts and backgrounders on extremist groups, trends and activities.


Assist law enforcement

We share our resources and expertise on extremism with law enforcement, partnering with authorities to assess and mitigate threats in both the physical and online environments. We provide critical intelligence regarding individual extremists and specific extremist groups engaging in criminal behavior, enabling law enforcement to appropriately intercede.

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Fight alongside our civil society partners

We work with partners – including faith communities, civil rights organizations and others – to educate our communities about the threat of extremism, share information and collaborate on strategies to protect our communities. We bring together experts to inform and leaders to learn, so that together we can thwart the extremists who target our communities. We are also deeply committed to safeguarding civil rights and liberties as we engage in the work of combating extremism.

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ADL advocates for policies to counter the surge of violent domestic extremism. We have announced a seven-point PROTECT Plan, which we believe will significantly mitigate the threat of domestic terrorism while preserving civil liberties.

ADL experts testify at Congressional hearings about extremism, sharing our research, analysis and recommendations.



We join with like-minded groups to file federal lawsuits holding violent groups and individuals accountable for extremist activity.


Map plotting antisemitic incidents throughout the U.S.

H.E.A.T. Map

This interactive map provides details on specific incidents of hate, extremism, antisemitism and terrorism, and allows users to better understand extremist tactics, compare activity by type and/or state and access and download raw data.


Hate Symbols Database

Hate Symbols Database

An extensive database of many of the symbols frequently used by white supremacists, anti-government extremists and other hate groups. Learn to recognize the signs of hate.

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Glossary of Extremism

A continually updated compilation of extremism-related definitions, including hundreds of frequently cited extremist terms, ideologies and more. A key resource for anyone who wants to better understand extremism.

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ADL's PROTECT Plan aims to address increasing domestic terrorism driven by domestic violent extremism while safeguarding civil rights and civil liberties. Domestic terrorism is a threat that impacts everyone.