Protect Civil Rights

ADL fights tirelessly for immigrants and refugees seeking safety and a better life in the U.S. Through legislative advocacy, amicus briefs, and public awareness efforts, we have promoted just and humane immigration and refugee protection policies throughout the decades.

Fight Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric

We monitor and expose the virulent anti-immigrant and hate-fueled rhetoric promoted by extremists, politicians and media influencers. We analyze information and trends regarding anti-immigrant activity and bias on a national and local level and publish this research through blog posts, articles and reports. We also track how once-fringe white supremacist ideologies, now more and more part of the mainstream, have demonized immigration into the U.S. as a preeminent threat to white dominance.

Advocate in the Legislatures and Courts

We support a holistic approach to immigration policy that includes:

-a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants
-fair treatment and equal access to human and legal services for immigrants
-recommitment to our obligation to safeguard migrants in danger
-a humane border security strategy.