Protect Civil Rights

Despite generations of civil rights activism, systemic racism still afflicts many aspects of our society today, including access to healthcare, job opportunities, our educational institutions and our legal system. For more than a century, fighting for racial justice has been a central part of ADL’s work. As hate and extremism proliferate, we are committed to advancing racial justice through diversity, equity and inclusion, both within our organization and in society at large.

Advocate in the Legislatures and Courts

ADL participates in litigation around the country that tackles discrimination and racism. We have often taken our cues from working with Black civil rights leaders and Black-led organizations, from the very first legal briefs we filed, in Shelley v. Kraemer and Brown v. Board of Education, to advocating for the original Civil Rights Act (1964) and Voting Rights Act (1965), to supporting the civil rights legislation of today. Some of our recent work has involved challenging restrictive voting laws and policies and advocating for academic inclusivity.

Support the Black Lives Matter Movement

We support the Black Lives Matter movement. We have joined efforts to eradicate systemic racism in policing, implement crucial reforms and root out the threat of white supremacist extremists in law enforcement.

At the national and local levels, we  work with a variety of coalition partners to fight and oppose systemic racism.

Fight Disinformation and Bias

We debunk disinformation spread by far-right extremists about Black Lives Matter. ADL staff members around the country distribute information and speak about these disinformation campaigns, particularly within our own communities.  This has included white supremacist antisemitic propaganda purporting to be spread by Black Lives Matter, and false reports of violence. We engage in research about how racist and antisemitic content spreads online and its effects on impacted communities. Our educational programs and resources promote critical thinking and learning about historical and current events through the lens of diversity, bias and social justice.