Protect Civil Rights

ADL believes that every voter must have an equal and fair opportunity to cast a ballot, free from deliberate barriers to voting that threaten to deny our freedom to vote. There is no more fundamental right in a democracy than the vote, yet this right has repeatedly come under attack in our country, particularly targeting communities of color and, often, urban residents. The Supreme Court gutted voting rights protection and ADL supports federal voting rights legislation to redress that. Multiple states have passed laws restricting voter access, and extremist rhetoric has sown doubt about the fairness of our elections. The dismantling of bipartisan election administration in many states also threatens fair elections.

ADL began speaking out about voting rights as early as 1965, opposing efforts by public officials to subvert the voting rights of Black people and urging the federal government to make every effort to secure these rights for all.

Support Efforts to Ensure Access to Voting

We support and promote nonpartisan efforts to encourage voting and make it safe and accessible, so that everyone is able to take part in this critical aspect of our democracy. We actively engage with partner organizations on ways to ensure equal and fair access to the ballot, including universal mail-in voting, election protection, early voting and simplified procedures for voter registration.  

Monitor Extremist Threats to Fair Elections

Conspiracy theories about voter fraud — many of which target Jewish philanthropists, elected officials and reporters — have been surging. The Center on Extremism monitors extremist threats on the ground and online, and the Center for Technology and Society analyzes online hate related to the election as well.