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ADL Regional Offices throughout America and in Jerusalem are a call, a click or an e-mail away. Go to www.adl.org/regions to visit the Regional Office near you.

50,000 students in 35 schools pledged to reject bias and bullying because of ADL Arizona’s No Place for Hate® initiative.

200,000 students in 204 schools stood up to hate and prejudice during ADL Southeast’s No Place for Hate campaign.

More than 200,000 students from over 300 schools helped to build campuses of respect with ADL Austin’s No Plate for Hate initiative.

1,400 teens and teachers addressed racial prejudice and inclusion at ADL New England’s 22nd Annual Youth Congress.

900 Jewish college and precollege students coached on how to stand up to hate speech, Holocaust denial and other types of bias through ADL Chicago’s Words to Action program.

160 adults and children gained tools to respond to a surge in anti-Semitic incidents from ADL Cleveland.

100 teachers and administrators introduced to Islamic culture and religion by ADL CT to stop anti-Muslim bullying.

100 members of law enforcement educated about the abuse of police power during the Holocaust and their roles in a democracy at ADL Dallas’s first Law Enforcement and Society program.

50,000 students at 49 schools empowered to create positive, bias-free school cultures through ADL Denver’s No Place for Hate program.

3,370 students, faculty and parents impacted by a 1,000+% increase in ADL Education programs, including No Place for Hate, A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE® Institute and Words to Action.

305 Jews, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians equipped by ADL Florida to strengthen security at their religious institutions.

1,800 people enjoyed a musical tribute to respect, diversity and fighting bigotry at Houston in Concert Against Hate.

Nearly 70 law enforcement officials from across the U.S. learned Israeli counterterrorism techniques from senior Israeli commanders during missions organized by ADL’s Israel Office.

Las Vegas
500 people joined ADL Nevada for its first Walk Against Hate.

Los Angeles
15 police officers responsible for 41,500 students learned how to deal with hate on campus during a new training for campus police launched by ADL’s LA office.

New Jersey
600 law enforcement officials trained in counterterrorism by ADL New Jersey.

New Mexico
132 people educated by ADL New Mexico about anti-Israel activity that verges on anti-Semitism.

New Orleans
Nearly 800 community leaders and members of law enforcement trained by ADL New Orleans to recognize and deal lawfully with the perpetrators and targets of hate crimes.

New York
More than 780 incidents and complaints of anti-Semitism, hate and discrimination responded to and resolved by ADL New York.

2,300 children of undocumented immigrants permitted to become licensed/registered in their career fields in Nebraska due to a law lobbied for by ADL Omaha.

Orange County
250 Jews, Muslims and Christians joined with ADL to condemn repeated instances of swastika graffiti in a children’s park.

2,000 people, including the mayor of Philadelphia, celebrated diversity by taking part in ADL Philadelphia’s 6th Annual Walk Against Hate.

San Diego
800 people learned how to stand up for refugees at an event led by ADL San Diego.

Santa Barbara
700 students in 22 schools empowered to speak up against bullying during the No Place for Hate Stand Together initiative organized by ADL Santa Barbara and its community partners.

St. Louis
4,400 students, educators, parents and police officers learned to recognize and reject bias through education programs from ADL St. Louis’s A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute.

San Francisco
200 high school students and parents taught to recognize and reject bias and cyberhate. Their school district of 10,000 students continued to receive ADL training and resources following an anti-Semitic incident online.

400 students at John Rogers Elementary School in Seattle learned why words matter during the school’s first No Place for Hate program.

Washington, D.C.
73 high-ranking law enforcement officials from across the U.S. received up-to-the-minute data about trends on extremism and terrorism at ADL’s Advanced Training School™ in Extremist and Terrorist Threats (ATS).