Steven C. Sheinberg

Chief Legal Officer/Chief of Staff
Steve Sheinberg

As Chief Legal Officer, Steven C. Sheinberg serves as a key advisor to the CEO, directs the operations of the office of the CEO and oversees the Leadership and Communications & Digital teams.

As Chief Legal Officer, Steve and his teams work to protect the people, assets, data and reputation of ADL.

Steve joined ADL in 1999 as an Associate Regional Director. After serving in the ADL Civil Rights division and as Special Assistant to ADL’s National Director, Steve became General Counsel in 2011. Steve has worked at Outten and Golden, LLP (a law firm) and at the Taylor Research and Consulting Group (a management consulting firm).

Steve has a BA in Liberal Arts from Hofstra, a PhD in Applied Ethics from Bowling Green University and a law degree from Emory University.