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About the Center for Technology and Society

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has been fighting antisemitism and bigotry for more than 100 years. It has made America a more tolerant society — one that respects its Jewish community and works to support the needs of all minorities. Since 1985, this work has included a dedicated team combating cyberhate and online harassment, reporting on trends, sharing intelligence with law enforcement, and helping more than 20,000 individuals face down threats. As part of this work, ADL has worked in close partnership with industry to establish best practices for addressing cyberhate. These have been guiding brand-name Internet and media companies for years.

The Center for Technology and Society builds on this work, tackling ADL’s civil rights mission in the digital space at a time when online hate tears at the fabric of our society. Antisemitism, anti-Muslim sentiment, and anti-immigrant sentiments are among those that have exploded over the past year. Social media and the growing number of online platforms — new apps, social media channels, and more — have given this hatred an easy path to its victims.

The Center supports the Jewish community and other minority groups, employing the best technology and seasoned experts to understand the root causes of hateful speech and combat harassment across the Internet.

Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, the Center examines the issue globally — since platforms have no borders — and brings a proactive approach to fighting cyberhate: Working in partnership with industry, government, academia, and non-profit groups to develop smart strategies and practical solutions to address today’s biggest challenges. The Center will partner with the leading entrepreneurs and innovators who are reinventing our world. It conducts cutting-edge research, applying ADL’s expert analysis and reporting to enable online civility and educate our youth stopping online hate. If we can reduce cyberhate among youth and create model digital citizens, the Center will prevent the problem from persisting. It protects vulnerable populations and spearheads responses to significant incidents by serving as a go-to adviser to digital media platforms and other stakeholders. It also provides an expert voice to the public about how to balance freedom of expression with online safety and security. The Center leverages ADL’s long-standing expertise in combatting cyberhate to share awareness of the origins, spread, and impact of the problem through education, research, and advocacy. As part of this, the Center issues reports, convenes events, educates policymakers, and advocates for legislation to stop cyberhate. The Center works to protect the civil rights of all users, including by evaluating the implications of technology on individual liberties and targeted communities.

The Tech Advisory Board

The Tech Advisory Board is where high-level representatives from technology, finance, and law guide CTS’s future work and advocacy, and provide expertise on emerging technologies. The Board helps ADL apply civil rights in a digital context, the place where society spends more of its time today. Board members advise CTS on how its programs and services can best support the goals and challenges within the tech industry.

Tech Advisory Board Members

  • Danielle Citron
    Law Professor, University of Maryland
  • Shawn Henry
    Former FBI Executive Assistant Director; President, Crowdstrike
  • Steve Huffman
    Founder, CEO, Reddit
  • James Joaquin
    Founder, Managing Director, Obvious Ventures
  • Craig Newmark
    Founder, Craigslist
  • Jeff Palker
    Managing Partner and General Counsel, Lupa Systems
  • Eli Pariser
    Chief executive of Upworthy, Board President of MoveOn.org and a Co-Founder of Avaaz.org
  • Art Reidel
    Managing Director, Horizon Ventures
  • Matt Rogers
    Founder, Chief Product Officer, Nest
  • Guy Rosen
    Vice President, Product, Facebook
  • Katie Jacobs Stanton
    Chief Marketing Officer, Color Genomics
  • Marcie Vu
    Partner, Head of Consumer Technology, Qatalyst Partners
  • Anne Washington
    Public Policy Professor, George Mason University
  • Christopher Wolf
    Senior Counsel, Hogan Lovells
  • Whitney Wolfe Herd
    Founder and CEO, Bumble