Expert Voice

Research from the Center for Technology and Society

The Center for Technology and Society (CTS) promotes research at the intersection of education, research, and advocacy. CTS research topics include civil rights in a digital environment; the function and role of social media in ensuring justice and fair treatment for all; balancing freedom of speech and public safety; “fake news” and computational propaganda; effective techniques to promote counterspeech and decrease cyber harassment; machine learning and hate speech; and uses and misuses of technology related to civic engagement, democratic participation, and reduction of bias and discrimination.

Task Force on Hate Speech and Journalism

ADL blue-ribbon Task Force on Hate Speech and Journalism analyzed the harassment of journalists on Twitter during the 2016 presidential election. Our four-month investigation detailed a troubling, year-long rise in anti-Semitic hate against reporters from all sides of the political spectrum during campaign. Based on the findings, CTS put together 25 recommendations for industry, policymakers and the government, the legal community, journalists, and the public to reverse the surge in harassment on social media and other online channels.