Community Security

A Community of Difference™

A specially designed training program for law enforcement professionals

A Community of Difference offers social service workers, volunteers and staffs of community organizations — as well as civic leaders — skills and strategies to work together more effectively.

This program helps participants:

  • Understand their own biases and how they affect their interactions with others
  • Develop a common understanding about diversity
  • Appreciate the need for respectful relations among diverse groups
  • Develop concrete action plans for implementation

A Community of Difference's specially designed training program for law enforcement professionals (police cadets, experienced officers, and civilian personnel) helps:

  • Develop awareness and skills for working within a highly pluralistic society
  • Identify and report hate crimes
  • Examine how implicit bias skills affect law enforcement work, especially regarding hate crimes
  • Examine appropriate responses to on-the-job situations, using case studies and large and small discussion groups

For more information, or to find out how your local organizations and agencies can implement A Community of Difference, contact your ADL Regional Office, ADL National Headquarters (212) 885-7700, or email us.

Community Security