Communities across the globe are changing. While people around the world are embracing the richness of diversity, they are also facing its challenges. Programs that promote a respect for diversity, encourage intergroup understanding and provide skills for individuals and institutions to work and live together are needed in every country.

Working in collaboration with a local partners, ADL’s current international education programs are:


A cadre of Austrian trained facilitators deliver the Institute’s anti-bias education programs. With the support of Austrian Ministry of Interior, programs are delivered to law enforcement professionals throughout the country

European Union

ADL and CEJI – A Jewish Contribution to an Inclusive Europe partnered  to deliver A Classroom of Difference™ and Peer Training programs throughout Europe. Teacher Training programs CEJI are currently active in Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands.Through the support of the European Peer Training Organization (EPTO) peer trainers work with hundreds of youth in Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, and The United Kingdom.


Through partnerships with the Academy for Leadership & Competence, at the Center for Applied Research, University of Munich, and the  Berlin based Eine Welt Der Vielfalt, anti-bias and diversity training programs, including A Classroom of Difference™ and Peer Training, are offered to teachers, students, universities, law enforcement, NGO’s and other institutions in the private and public sector.


Institute education materials are incorporated into academic courses at Bar Ilan University's School of Education and with the support of the Minisitry of Education's Youth Division, programs are delivered to teachers and students Jewish-Israeli and Arab-Israeli schools, in both Hebrew and Arabic. In addition, the Institute delivers anti-bias trainings to Israeli Border Police, and has provided workshops for Israeli Defense Force education officers.


The Osaka Diversity Education Network implements the Institute’s A Classroom of Difference™ program for educators and parents of elementary school and middle schools throughout Japan.

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