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Advanced Training School

ADL Advanced Training Seminar

ADL's Advanced Training School (ATS) is recognized as one of the nation’s premier counter-terrorism programs. The three-day course provides law enforcement leaders with state of the art information and instruction on the full spectrum of domestic and international terrorist threats, tactics and movements. More than 1,200 of the nation’s top law enforcement leaders, representing over 250 agencies, have graduated from the course. In the past 10 years, ADL has trained well over 100,000 federal, state, local and military law enforcement officers through ATS.

Led by the foremost experts on extremism and terrorism, the curriculum is continually being updated to address the evolving nature of terrorism.

“...I have attended trainings over my 30 years in public safety...but this ATS training stands out with a unique niche unfilled by the rest.” – Stan Hilkey, Executive Director, Colorado Department of Public Safety   Share via Twitter Share via Facebook

The ATS curriculum includes:

  • The latest in expertise, information and resources to increase the capability of law enforcement executives and commanders to prevent, investigate and respond to incidents and threats.
  • An examination of major types of extremist movements, including homegrown Islamist extremism, white supremacy and anti-government extremism.
  • Case studies of recent terrorist acts that provide lessons learned from the firsthand experiences of law enforcement leaders.
  • Discussions about the critical importance of protecting civil rights and liberties in law enforcement’s efforts to combat terrorism. 

“This seminar was well worth the time. The people I met from other law enforcement agencies and the caliber of presenters were second to none.” – James Luongo, Deputy Chief New York City Police Department  Share via Twitter Share via Facebook

Law Enforcement Partnerships